"Little Steps has got the best staff who make the kids feel at home. As a parent I am always at easy leaving my kid at the school." - Canisius Chirangande (Nicole, age 4)

"Little Steps is beyond passionate about the kids, their wellbeing and their education. They have taken the time to know and understand my child and he has never been happier." - Melanie Golden (Joshua, age 4)

"The Staff are so encouraging and really understand our little people, even the feisty ones. Ethan cannot wait to get in the class room this morning and that gives us complete peace of mind." - Debra Bosch (Ethan, age 2)

At Little Steps Pre-Schools, we are actively engaged in the pursuit of excellence. It is our purpose to care and to provide education of the highest quality that will enable all of our children to become well rounded individuals, who are confident in themselves and their abilities, school ready and have a love of learning. We as a school, acknowledge that parents wish to have their children cared for in the very best possible facility.

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